Yesterday I clocked a 21km run, so it would be fair to say I bought my appetite to breakfast this morning. The bf and I ventured to a suburban cafe in Manning  on Ley St called Ley St Cafe (easy for me to remember). The space this cafe occupies has been home to various different food related businesses (deli, lunchbar) in the last few years. None have had real staying power…however things may be changing. A little research on their facebook page prior told me Adam Gannon is behind this new cafe, former head chef of Kitsch Bar in Leederville.

Walking into the cafe the first thing you notice is the “Ley St Coffee Club” blackboard on the wall with names and their respective tallies in chalk. It appears the Ley St Cafe already has a solid bunch of regulars. The bf and I watched regulars walk in, put a mark next to their names and then grab their coffee. Quite a nifty token system. The space inside the cafe is quite large, which is nice as you have a bit of space between tables. The thing I loved the most about this cafe was the open kitchen. The bf and I watched as Adam happily cooked away in front of all in the cafe.


As we walked in we were greeted with a smile. The bf grabbed some menus for us. Upon sitting and having a quick glance over the menu, we were attended to and asked whether we would like to order any drinks (love that!). The bf ordered a mug flat white (Grinders coffee beans) whilst I ordered an English Breakfast tea (Twinings English Breakfast Tea bag). My tea pot arrived and I was a little confused about where my tea cup was. However then I realised the cup was under the pot…clever. I always feel a little disappointed when I go to a cafe and get served a tea bag…I much prefer loose leaf tea if I am paying for one whilst dining out. The milk was served in a cute little glass jar and there was an old school teaspoon to stir with (very pretty).

Love the teaspoons

We had a quick glance at the menu. The menu items had a range to suit those who like cooked breakfasts (Fried Mushrooms on Toast, Fried Eggs with Glazed Bacon), those who like cereal based breakies (Porridge with Banana and Brown Sugar, Roasted Peaches with Vanilla Yoghurt and Granola), those who like to deviate from the usual suspects (Spiced White Bean and Cheese Toastie, Baked Eggs with Spiced White Beans and Fetta) and finally to those who have a sweet tooth (French Toast – I can’t remember exactly what it was served with but it sounded deliciously sweet). The bf choose to go with the Bacon and ‘Fried Egg’ Sandwich with BBQ sauce.  I was one of ‘those’ difficult customers today. I spied the Cheesy Scrambled Eggs on Toast on the menu ($9) however didn’t want the cheddar cheese in my eggs. So….I sheepishly asked whether it was possible if I could get the scrambled eggs without cheese and having noticed the Fried Mushrooms on Toast ($12) on the menu I felt like a side of mushrooms to go with my eggs (note: there were no sides noted on the menu) – so I asked for a side of mushies too. Without a moment of hesitation the bubbly waitress said no problem….Big thumbs up!

As we waited we were able to watch our meal being cooked. It is such a pleasure to watch one go about their business in the kitchen and particularly when you know its your meal coming. I think it also gives you a lot of confidence in a place as you can see everything that is happening! As we sat each customer was greeted as they walked in. A little girl even burped  and there was a little friendly banter from the staff with the family which added to the warm atmosphere. The open kitchen creates the ability for such interactions.

The open kitchen

The open kitchen

Our meals arrived promptely and wow did they look great. I loved the plates which seemed to fit with the whole feel of the place – homely and inviting.

My eggs were perfectly cooked and were beautiful and fluffy.  The mushrooms were flavourful and plentiful. The bf’s Bacon and ‘Fried Egg’ Sandwich with BBQ sauce was gone before I had even ate half of my meal (which is actually not an uncommon occurrance….side note: I have been trying to think about an adjective to describe the bf and have tried out a few on him to no avail. Maybe the speed-eater bf might be one to pass by him…I will investigate).

The 'Fried Egg' and Bacon Sandwich with BBQ Sauce

The Bacon and ‘Fried Egg’ Sandwich with BBQ Sauce

Scrambled Eggs with a side of Mushrooms

Overall a very lovely meal. Ley St Cafe is open Mondays and Thursdays thru to Sundays for breakfast and lunch. Word on the street is they were open Friday nights for Pasta night…not sure whether this is still happening. Heres hoping this little cafe is around for a long time to come. I get the feeling it will be. Now off to do that slow 6km recovery jog…


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  1. laurasmess
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 17:37:47

    Oh, I haven’t heard of this place either! You seem to have a knack for discovering some slightly more obscure gems around the streets of Perth! Those mushrooms look amazing. I’m a complete sucker for mushrooms… slightly verging into Bilbo Baggins territory, haha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! x


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