Baveras, Geelong

For Easter the speed-eater bf and I ventured over east to Geelong to spend Easter with family. After tackling the horror flight on Thursday night we were a little worse for wear come Friday. I ventured out for a little 12km run that Friday afternoon and boy my legs felt very heavy. Intervals on Thursday morning combined with a lack of sleep and being cramped on the plane = not good for the legs. I however felt much better afterwards for getting out in the fresh air and I always love the thrill of running in different surroundings. Saturday morning saw me lace up for an 18km jog around Geelong. I saw a few signs around and markings of 1km distances for the Geelong half marathon which unfortunately was the weekend after, pity it would of been great to run. I ended up running a few kms of the course which tracks along the Barwon River. Seems like a nice course. Following the run the bf and I met up with some of the family. My laughs-a lot (mostly at herself- great quality to have) sister-in-law chose Baveras which is out on the pier in Geelong. The Bf and I arrived before everyone else and wow quite the impressive location. We had perfect seats- on the edge of the restaurant and as you look out all you see is beautiful water. Bf- quite the observant type noticed a hot cross bun float past in the water as we sat. Whilst we were waiting for the others to arrive the bf ordered a flat white and I ordered an English breakfast tea. Bf’s flat white came out and we were both a little intrigued as to what the decorative art was constructed out of- I think we ended up concluding it was caramel syrup? Maybe to bring out the chocolate notes in the coffee? Bf enjoyed anyway. My English breakfast tea was strong and served in a neat little wooden box.

Flat White

Flat White

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

Once the rest arrived we set about ordering. Service appeared somewhat lack-luster. We had to get up and chase the waiter down to get our breaky order in. The breaky menu has a range of options to suit all breaky tastes from the cereal lover (toasted muesli with vanilla yoghurt and berries) to those who like a cooked savoury start to the day whilst also catering to those who need a cooked sweet breakfast to get them going. I went for a cooked savoury start and chose the Eggs on sourdough, scrambled ($11) with a side of sauteed mushrooms ($4). Quickly becoming my favourite breakfast of the year. Bf and I were discussing this as it has become apparent (to bf) that I am a very routine like person. Last year I pretty much tried all of the bircher muesli in Perth. This year scrambled eggs with mushies seem to be my thing….I just go with it until the next food preference comes along, why fight it- at least it gives me a chance to compare the various ones around and let me tell you this was a very good one. Beautiful mushrooms (I very much like the large field ones) and very yellow creamy eggs which were perfectly cooked.

Eggs on sourdough, scrambled, with a side of sauteed sushrooms

Eggs on sourdough, scrambled, with a side of sauteed sushrooms

My laughs-alot sister-in-law chose the cooked combined sweet and savoury option- Cinnamon French toast with bacon and maple syrup ($13). This was a very generous serving and a beautiful looking dish. The sister-in-law seemed to enjoy this one although the serving size did knock her up. I like it when I go to breaky with people who order different things to me as it gives me a chance to scope out other dishes. I have never enjoyed the maple syrup/bacon combination but I know a lot do.


The speed-eater bf ordered the Breakfast Brushcetta ($18.5) which was sourdough, roma tomatoes, baby spinach, spanish onion, olives, poached egg and soft goats cheese. Bf chose it without the olives much to my sister-in-law’s disappointment- she has a serious love of olives. Sped-eater bf found this dish a great combination of flavours.

Breakfast Brushcetta, Soudough, Roma Tomatoes, Baby Spinnach, Spanish Onion, Olives, Poached Egg and Soft Goats Cheese

Breakfast Brushcetta, Soudough, Roma Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Spanish Onion, Olives, Poached Egg and Soft Goats Cheese

My finish-everything-on-my-plate (and have a go at everyone else’s) Dad went for the The Pier Breakfast ($18.5). This came with sourdough, bacon, eggs (Dad choose scrambled), pork sausages, roasted roma tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms. Dad practically inhaled this dish- to be fair our breakfast had turned into lunch.

The Pier Breakfast with Sourdough, Bacon, Eggs, Pork Sausages, Roasted Roma Tomatoes and Sauteed Mushrooms

The Pier Breakfast with Sourdough, Bacon, Eggs, Pork Sausages, Roasted Roma Tomatoes and Sauteed Mushrooms

My likes-to-try-whats-on-Dad’s-plate Mum went for the scrambled eggs on sourdough and I am not sure how she managed considering the speed at which Dad was consuming his breakfast (he even actually gave speed-eater bf a run for his money- I actually think he did finish before speed-eater bf) but she managed to snavel some of Dad’s baby Spinach!

The bf and I discussed how much better the pricing in Geelong is compared to expensive Perth. The food was outstanding our only complaint was in regards to the service. Around 40 minutes after ordering we were beginning to wonder what was happening with our breaky- the restaurant was no overly full! At this stage the waitress came over to explain that the machine that sends the orders to the kitchen had malfunctioned and they were just making our order now! Sigh! I didn’t mind greatly however would of appreciated some discount on the bill or a complimentary tea/coffee- neither were forthcoming. The other gripe was that we were charged a surcharge as apparently the Saturday over Easter is considered a public holiday- I didn’t realise this, I just thought Good Friday and Easter Monday were…still cheaper then Perth I guess.

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