Gusto Food

I have been meaning to write this post for awhile however with life happening I have not got around to it. Awhile back I ventured to Gusto Food in South Perth for breakfast with the has-a-sweetie-tooth friend. We had began a lovely Sunday with a Bikram yoga class so were ready for a decent breaky. I have been to Gusto Food numerous times prior and was well aware of the very generous portions so I made sure I bought my appetite. The breaky menu is extensive and food envy occurs every time you see a dish siddle past you. Our seats were located right next to the kitchen (which you can peep into through the window)- lucky service is quick and efficient here and not long after we placed our orders, our food arrived. The has-a-sweetie-tooth friend lived up to her name and ordered the house made crumpets with pear and berry, peanut gravel and yoghurt. This dish is a huge portion with three very thick crumpets- no complains from sweetie-tooth, she appeared to thoroughly enjoy each mouthful. I tasted a little bit of the peanut gravel and on its own it is very rich however sweetie-tooth said combined with the yoghurt, pear and berries and crumpet it worked perfectly.

House made crumpets

House made crumpets

I being the creature of habit ordered the scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Now, I have quite the appetite and this dish almost (but does not succeed) knocks me up. Perfectly scrambled eggs and the mushrooms are amazing (although swarming in a fair amount of butter – oh dear). I took the mushrooms out of the little side dish after I took the photo. I am one of those people who love a little forkful of everything from their plate and having them in the side dish hampered this process. Removing them allowed me to remove some of the butter too.

Scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms

Scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms

Gusto is a lovely breakfast place on Angelo St which prior to its establishment lacked a great breaky place for me. As a side note I have been branching out of late in regards to my breakfast choices….with Bircher muesli (let the next routine breakfast choice begin) yum!

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  1. laurasmess
    May 26, 2013 @ 05:29:08

    Aw yum, I’ve never been to Gusto before. The eggs and the crumpets look amazing… though I do agree (just by sight, not by taste!) that there’s a LOT of that peanut gravel. I can imagine it must’ve been really rich. P.S it’s been ages since I’ve visited your blog… don’t know why your posts haven’t been prominent in my Reader feed :/ I need to catch up! x


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