Foam Coffee Bar

Last weekend I met up with my haven’t-seen-a-food-she-dislikes-yet friend for breakfast. Last time I chose the location so it was her turn and I was delighted when she chose Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville. So I have been seeing a dietition of late due to low iron levels and general want to have better nutrition and hydration prior and during runs. As such I have been working on trialling a few changes to my diet. It was suggested to me to go a week without diary. I almost cried when this was put down on my “lifestyle and dietary recommendations” and proceeded to tell my dietition that change is hard (she wasn’t falling for that!) haha. Now although I do enjoy a soy flat white my main issue was having to have soy in my tea blah- I tried that once and swore never again. So here I was at Sunday- last day of my diary free and who would have believed (definately not me) that I would now come to prefer a tea with soy milk; the nutty taste is comforting. Anyway eating out diary-free I knew was going to pose some challenges; I had to be weary of anything with butter, cheese or milk. So I was somewhat hesitant when ordering not wanting to be an “annoying” customer. I posed all my questions to the waitress – can I have scrambled eggs without diary ($10)? “No problem” do your mushrooms have butter? “Yes” is the grilled tomato ($3) safe? “Yep” and “can I have the homemade baked beans without the fetta ($?)? “No worries”. Wow. Impressive. The patient and chirpy waitress definately has customer service down pat. I also ordered an English breaky tea ($3.5) with soy milk (50 cents)

Now if I wasn’t already impressed with the customer service at this cafe my socks were about to be blown off (if I was wearing them they would have been) the chef actually delivered my meal to me. To me this spoke of something special- an acknowledgement that they had taken the time to meet my requests and surety that they had. Beautiful meal – did not even miss the butter/cream/milk in my scrambled eggs – they were still delightfully creamy due to being perfectly cooked. Another cute touch was the tiny teddy that came with my tea – I love it when cafes have their own unique touches.

Diary free scrambled eggs on soy and linseed with grilled tomato and homemade beans

Diary free scrambled eggs on soy and linseed with grilled tomato and homemade beans

My haven’t-seen-a-food-she-dislikes-yet friend ordered the homemade baked beans, fetta and gremolata ($9.50) with toast and a side serve of bacon ($3). Presentation looked gorgeous; served on a slab and with the baked beans in a little pan.

Homemade baked beans with toast and baked beans

Homemade baked beans with toast and baked beans

To go I ordered a soy flat white- this cafe uses my favourite beans (five senses) and favourite soy milk (Bonsoy). Perfect coffee.

This cafe is worth a visit- particularly to experience the delightful customer service and quality food. I left one happy customer.

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