Hoopla Espresso

Yesterday some of my regular running friends and I organised a breaky for after our usual Saturday morning run. So after clocking up a 23km hilly run on a gorgeous Perth morning we headed to Hoopla Espresso in Kensington for breakfast. I found this cafe a few weekends ago and have been going there frequently to get my coffee fix. My only problem so far has been that they aren’t open on Sundays! The coffee is sensational, so I was keen to try the food. They have a relatively small breaky menu written on the wall. I spotted the the muesli with vanilla yoghurt and fresh fruit, however after smashing a protein drink after my run didn’t feel like the muesli so…I asked whether I could order the meal without the muesli. I was initially told no as they didn’t have enough fruit for it, however I was persistent (the cafe owner may use the adjective annoying) and said I was quite willing to pay the normal price ($9.50) but without muesli. Eventually they said yes and so I was provided with a delightful bowl of vanilla yoghurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries. It was light and fresh and the vanilla yoghurt tasted like natural yoghurt (my favourite) as it was tart but not so tart that it needed honey.

Vanilla Yoghurt with Mixed Fruit

Vanilla Yoghurt with Mixed Fruit

I later went and spoke to the cafe owner/manager? (I’m not entirely sure but she seemed to be calling the shots) to thank her for meeting my request and for providing me with from what I assume was more yoghurt then they would normally provide with that dish (I am not sure if this was the case with the fruit). She explained her initial reluctance to meet my request saying that they often get requests for fruit salad and yoghurt and prefer to not do this as they don’t have enough fruit to do so and want to be able to serve a meal that is quality and not some hodgepodge version (not her exact words but the basic gist). I totally agreed with her point of view however to some extent I think in today’s society with so many people with food intolerances and the price of food in Perth I believe cafes have to be somewhat flexible within this. I definately appreciated the fact that I was able to get something on the menu that was adjusted and it is important to note that despite the fact I probably got more yoghurt then normal with that dish they did charge me less than $9.50- I am not sure exactly what I was charged but it was definitely less than the advertised price.

Other meals that were ordered by the girls included a Strawberry Compote and Camembert Toastie ($12.50). This looked gorgeous and always-swaps-food-happily-with-hubby (a complete novelty to me as speed-eater and myself never would consider this. My friend and her hubby generally swap meals halfway through and get to enjoy in a sense two meals. Speed-eater and I are lucky to even get a taste of each others- let alone swap! I quizzed her regarding the rules of this i.e. what happens if theirs is yuck do you still have to swap? What happens if they/or you eat more then your share? What happens if you like your steak medium and they like it well-done? Clearly I was taking this somewhat very seriously as I believe I would need rules; she was very laissez faire about it all, it just works for them, no rules- wow) thoroughly enjoyed this meal.

Strawberry Compote and Camembert Toastie

Strawberry Compote and Camembert Toastie

The other meals ordered were Fried Egg, Spinach and Bacon Bagel with Turkish Relish – minus the Bacon ($9.50) and Bacon and Egg Tart with Turkish Relish ($?). Both looked nice and there were no complaints.

Fried Egg and Spinach Bagel with Turkish Relish

Fried Egg and Spinach Bagel with Turkish Relish

Bacon and Egg Tart with Turkish Relish

Bacon and Egg Tart with Turkish Relish

I returned to the cafe later in the day for a takeaway coffee – soy flat white. The place was buzzing with takeaway orders. Coffee yet again was delightful.

Take Away Coffee

Take Away Coffee

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