Halo Espresso, South Perth

So it was time for the monthly catch up with the running girls after a rather horrid weather-wise 20km run last week. We were literally running at one stage into the strongest wind I think I have ever ran into. Not nice. So after a quick trip home, a shower and some warm clothes we found ourselves at Halo Espresso at around 9am on Saturday. The place was relatively busy but we didn’t have to wait on a table which was nice considering all three of us were ready for a warming breakfast. I had been to Halo Espresso last year when it had recently opened and was not that impressed. Service was sub-standard (our meals all arrived at different times – some of them over 10 minutes later than the others) and the food was average. Well haven’t things changed! One thing I really appreciated about this place since finding out I am somewhat no good with lactose, is their menu which offered vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Their fridges were also stocked with a variety of treats which included raw, gluten-free, and vegan options as well- yay. So after sussing out the menu I ventured up to the counter to order (orders placed at the counter). I decided on scrambled eggs on toast with a side of cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach ($11.90 + $3.50 + $2). I could choose my style of toast, a choice between white, wholemeal, multigrain, rye and gluten-free. I asked if they had any sourdough and I was informed they were all sourdough – so I went with the multigrain.


The serving was ample and all in all a delicious breakfast; eggs were soft and fluffy, and the cherry tomatoes and spinach made for a healthy breakfast. I also liked that they served the butter on the side and it was your option of whether to add it to the toast or not.

My has-similar-lactose-issues-and-is-open-to-vegan-food-friend (and whom I love speaking to about all things food) decided on the homemade beans with spinach and poached egg ($11.90). Her meal also came with two slices of toast. When this came out she had asked for multigrain toast however she was given white. When this was pointed out to the waitress; she came right back with the correct toast as a replacement (although lactose-issues-and-is-open-to-vegan-food was left with both options of toast). The poached egg was perfectly cooked and I was somewhat jealous of the look of those beans.


My other running buddy; lets call her miss-cultural-diversity (due to her extensive travel experience and tendency to order the more left-of-centre options on the menu) lived up to her name and ordered, what I would consider a Mexican breakfast (although I am not sure how authentic to Mexico it is), the breakfast Burrito. There were two ways to choose from; one with scrambled egg, beans, avocado, tomato and cheese ($13.90) and the other with scrambled egg, bacon, sausage, beans, cheese and tomato ($14.90). Not being a bacon lover miss-cultural-diversity went for the former of the options. This dish looked awesome when it came out and the flavour combination worked for miss-cultural-diversity. It also came with a side garnish which if I recall correctly was rocket and parmesan cheese. I really liked the look of this dish and wish it was something I would consider to order for breakfast, but, whenever I consider making a more ‘unusual’ choice I always back out at the last minute!


We all left very satisfied. I wasn’t hungry until 3pm after my breakfast which is a good indicator of the very generous serving size of this breakfast as, normally after a long run I tend to have a very good appetite. I am looking forward to popping back to this cafe for a lunch or afternoon tea.

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  1. Gilly @ DoubleTroubleRunning
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 10:55:17

    Nice review!! And I like my name even better!!! We went to the Partisan this morning and I had the exact same breakfast; I need to venture out of my comfort zone!!!


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