Cioccolato Espresso, Applecross

I caught up with miss-drinks-tea-like-most-drink-water for a Saturday brunch. Miss-drinks-tea has recently moved so we now have a plethora of new places to try. This week we decided to meet in Ardross Street in Applecross. I have been to Cioccolato Espresso on previous occasions for coffee however have not had breakfast there for awhile. What initially enticed me to this place was the fact that they serve ‘real’ chocolate savings on their cappuccinos. I am not even a cappuccino drinker but this little detail said to me that they obviously prioritise quality ingredients.

Cioccolato is a small cafe, with just a few tables inside and down the side of the cafe. They however have recently expanded their seating area to include tables out the front of the cafe in the sun. I can imagine that this cafe is going to be a regular for me in summer. On this morning it was nice weather so we decided to sit outside. After a quick perusal of the menu I was torn between the Bircher Muesli which was served with Seasonal Fruit Compote and yoghurt ($12.80) and the Scrambled Fetta Eggs on Sourdough Toast, with Hazelnut Dukkah ($16.80). Both people on the tables beside us had gone with the Bircher Muesli which is usually a good indication. The dish looked beautiful, the soaked oats with nuts was served separately to the yoghurt and compote and therefore you could mix in as much or as little yoghurt and compote as you liked. The man on one side of us (lets call him lycra-clad-bikie) mixed all his together (this did not look like his first time eating this dish) whilst the mother on the other side of us (lets call her mother-enjoying-a-weekly-catch-up) had a different approach; she did not mix hers, rather on each spoonful got a little bit of each and adjusted accordingly. I imagine I would go with the latter approach if I did order this dish. (do you like watching the eating habits of others? It is something I secretly enjoy when eating out).

So I went with the eggs however requested without Fetta (I prefer not to have cheese in my eggs) and with a side serving of Mushrooms ($? I think they were $4.50 if I remember correctly). The eggs were lovely and creamy, but….were pilled high on my toast (gr…..immediately after taking this picture I took them off to save my toast). I enjoyed the addition of the Hazelnut Dukkah which added a new texture to the dish. The mushrooms were nothing exceptional but nice nevertheless.

Scrambled Fetta Eggs (minus Fetta) on Sourdough Toast, with Hazelnut Dukkah and a side serve of Mushrooms

Scrambled Fetta Eggs (minus Fetta) on Sourdough Toast, with Hazelnut Dukkah and a side serve of Mushrooms

Miss-drinks-tea-like-most-drink-water decided on the Roast Field Mushrooms on Toast which were served with Spinach, Basil Pesto and Grilled Haloumi ($17.80). This dish was beautifully plated. Miss-drinks-tea enjoyed this dish. I had a little bit of food envy…I love Haloumi Cheese.

Roast Field Mushrooms on Toast, Spinach, Basil Pesto & Grilled Haloumi

Roast Field Mushrooms on Toast, Spinach, Basil Pesto & Grilled Haloumi

As always it was very nice to catch up with Miss-drinks-tea and a lovely breakfast to boot.

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