Cafe 140, Bunbury

On the weekend speed-eater bf and I ventured down to Busselton. I was participating in the Busselton Spring Running Festival, running the Marathon Relay with has-similar-lactose-issues-friend. I was somewhat apprehensive about this run as since the Perth City to Surf Marathon I really have not been able to push any sort of pace. My recovery has felt slow. The first week I was SORE, the second week I was STIFF and HUNGRY and by the third week I attempted some intervals however just did not have any sort of second wind; when my legs decided to give up that was it. This week (forth week out) I have been feeling somewhat better but certainly in no form to run a good half marathon. So somewhat nervously I headed to Busselton. Speed-eater and I took our time to venture down, and decided to stop in Bunbury for lunch on Saturday (the run was on Sunday). When I was deciding on a spot, speed-eater’s prerequisite was that it had a steak sandwich on the menu with chips. I happily obliged – and Cafe 140 came to the party. This cafe was nice and spacious however we initially got the only table remaining inside right next to the counter. People who were lining up to order were standing quite close to us, so as soon as a table came up elsewhere we high-tailed it there. Once in much happier seats, we ordered. Speed-eater clearly went with the Steak Sandwich (tender Dunsborough Steak, Triple Smoked Mount Barker Bacon, aioli, lettuce, fried onion and baby pot fries). Reading this on the menu made me instantly think that this cafe obviously uses quality ingredients. The presentation of this dish was gorgeous, and I particularly liked the pot the fries were served in!  The steak was in ample supply as well. Speed-eater inhaled this dish and was a satisfied man.

Steak Sandwich with Baby Pot Fries

Steak Sandwich with Baby Pot Fries

Speed-eater also ordered a flat white. I particularly liked the biscotti that was served with the flat white, I like it when cafes put their unique twist on things.

Flat White with Biscotti

Flat White with Biscotti

I ordered the Margaret River Free Range Eggs (scrambled) on Doorstopper Bread (grain) with tomato ($11.95) with a side serving of mushrooms ($3) and baked beans ($3). There was some confusion with the beans. I asked the waitress whether the beans were homemade. She went to ask and another waitress came and informed me that they use tinned cannellini  beans and then create their own recipe. I was happy with that hence I ordered them (I never order beans at cafes if they are the tinned baked beans). HOWEVER…..when they came out they looked very much like tinned baked beans, and my heart sank. I tasted them as I thought (stupidly) that my eyes were fooling me (I don’t have the best eye sight). Yet they tasted exactly like tinned baked beans. I didn’t check again with the waitress, just took them off my plate and didn’t eat them, but I think possibly that she may have been referring to the Spanish Beans dish on the menu (described as Spicy beans served with a poached eggs) when I asked. I was not as bothered as I normally would be about this (normally I would say something), I just put it down to a bit of miscommunication. However when I think back to it now if they have taken the time to make homemade beans in a breakfast menu item, you think they would made extra for a side?…especially considering the cafe appears to use quality ingredients. Anyway the rest of my breakfast was lovely. I particularly liked their doorstopper toast which was choc-full of grains. I wonder where they get their bread from?

Scrambled Eggs on Doorstopper Toast with Baked Beans and Mushrooms

Scrambled Eggs on Doorstopper Toast with Baked Beans and Mushrooms

And the Marathon Relay ended up being great, despite some terrible weather. The winds were incredible. My mate ran an amazing first half for us (she is looking the goods for an amazing time and PB at the Melbourne Marathon in three weeks) and set us up in the lead for the female teams. This put the pressure on me, but lucky I was able to hold on with a somewhat respectable time (for me). We were both pretty chuffed with the win, both of our first times to score some prize money from running!

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  1. Gilly @ DoubleTroubleRunning
    Sep 24, 2013 @ 04:06:37

    Doorstop bread!!! That’s what we call it in Ireland! If it ain’t doorstop it’s no good. :)

    Had such a good weekend running with you – onto the next one eh! As soon as Melbourne is done we should merge programs!


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